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Are you tired of cleaning your litter box everyday? Relax, Crystal Cat Litter is here.

Crystal Cat Litter marks the beginning of a new generation of cat litter. It offers a new solution to the problem of messy cat litter. With this revolutionary product, there is never any reasons for cat owners to worry about daily cleaning of their litter box.


One 4-lbs. bag lasts for up to one month per cat without change!

Crystal Cat Litter saves you the trouble of changing the entire litter box every week! Crystal Cat Litter can keep fresh, clean and odor free for one month, because of its unique inner structure. It can completely adsorb the cat urine or liquid waste in fecesin seconds and leaves litter dry to touch. It is highly absorbent. It is able to continuously absorb liquid and odor around it. The waste produced by Crystal Cat Litter is as little as 1/8 that of ordinary cat litter.


No urine clumps!

Crystal Cat Litter saves you the trouble of removing the urine clumps everyday! Just scoop the solid waste every couple of days, and Crystal Cat Litter does the rest. Crystal Cat Litter granules have millions of tiny micro-pores which absorb liquid waste and odors so fast and completely that they don't form clumps like ordinary cat litter.


No tracking!

Due to the unique size and shape of Crystal Cat Litter granules, it does not stick to cat's paws and helps to keep litter from scattering or tracking outside the litter box.


Extra odor control!

Crystal Cat Litter maintains complete odor control for one month. Millions of micro-pores of Crystal Cat litter granules can also absorb and lock in odor fast. When odor molecules contact Crystal Cat Litter, they become trapped in these micro-pores and are eliminated. It can adsorb and hold the urine or feces odors from cat, thus keeping the air in your room refreshing ε clean.


Non-toxic & Anti bacterial

Crystal Cat Litter is non-toxic and safe for your cat. Also it is an anti-bacterial natural product. Because it is fast and complete absorption of water, the environment required for bacterial growth is eliminated. When you use cat litter processed with antimicrobial, it functions to kill germs.


Easy maintain ε clean-up.

It is non-clumping, non-tracking, non-dust and with light weight, so it has little quantity to use and little was3te to produce; it is easy ε safe for domestic use and can be disposed of as normal waste.


SphericalCrystal Pet Litter

It is bead, semitransparent and glass-like in appearance. The main characteristic is its fast adsorption of over 82%. Its main characteristics are fast adsorption and lower fragment.

Lump CrystalPet Litter The adsorption is as same as the bead one. But due to its irregular shape, it will make a stable pad for pets and thus to ease the unstable discomfort caused to the pets. It can also solve the problem of collection when spillage occurs.
Color And FragrantCrystal Pet Litter

We can offer different sizes and different colors of cat litter mentioned above according to your preference or the anti-microbial products may be added to it. Such as colorful cat litter, perfume cat litter and antibacterial cat litter. Colorful cat litter is delightful ε artistic to feast eyes; perfume cat litter can release all kinds of sweet smell to please your pet as well as clean your room air; antibacterial cat litter can inhibits bacterial browth and kill germs effectively. All the newly developed cat litter will surely make your dear pets more happy, healthy ε lovely.


Crystal Cat Litter Directions:

1. Start with a clean litter tray by adding 1.5 inches layer of cat litter.

2. Remove solid waste regularly to maintain freshness.Liquid waste doesn't require care. After the solid waste is dehydrated, scoop it out without any litter.

3. If you have more than one cat, change the litter more often rather than adding more litter than usual.

4.Once a month, empty entire litter box and replace with new Crystal Cat Litter.

5. If your cat doesn't like it initially, try mixing your usual litter with Crystal to introduce your cat to get used to the new litter.

6. Put your litter tray or litter in a clean ε dmap-free place to prolong its effectiveness.

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Attention please:

1. Store Crystal Cat Litter in a dry place with good ventilation.

2. Crystal Cat Litter is made from silica sand. When absorbing liquid waste, it may produce a soft popping and hissing sound, which is harmless to cat.

3. If the cat is not accustomed to Crystal Cat Litter, please mix small amount of the litter with clay litter, and then increase the percentage gradually while decreasing the old litter.

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